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Elastic battle rope

Battle rope with rubber tubing covered in protective sleeve.
Rope that fights back.

Versatile and variable training tool

Battle rope waves, athletic drills, SAQ, strength conditioning. 

Do battle rope exercises, accelerations, jumps, crawls, rotations, press and pulls, lunges, shuffles, accelerations and more. 

500+ exercises available

Free workouts

Free training mobile app with workouts and exercises.

Every week free Workout of the Week video.

Train anywhere

Indoors or outdoors
Group training

Who is it for

Fitness Clubs

As personal training tool or small group training tool. No matter if you have one student or team of students. Be it studio, functional zone or PT zone.


As personal training tool or small group training tool. Can be integrated as one training station in bootcamp sessions or as stand-alone team training with ropes.

Athletes and sport teams

Sport teams / athletes

Athletes needs to work on their physical conditioning. Build up strength, power, SAQ or coordination. 

Military / Law enforcement

Being prepared for everyday job and duty requires good physical preparation and resilience. This is what we teach in our Ops Physical Preparation course. Specific training methods to get maximum out of your body.

Group / Team training

Good thing about this training is that it can be performed in groups. We know that athletes love to train inside a team, this is where the motivation, push and hard work is coming from.

Human body benefits

  • Convert your body into a working machine.
  • Build skill sets – power, strength, SAQ
  • COBRA ropes provide you with more than 500 possible exercises.
  • High intensity training with all muscle groups = metabolic training.
Rope that fights back

Rope that fights back

You can do all variations of waves the same way you would do with standard battle ropes. Just the elastic component gives more intensity, variability, more challenge. It’s a rope that fights back.

Infinite exercise possibilities

In addition to battle rope waves you can train lower body drills like lunges, squats, high knees, accelerations, shuffles, crawls, walks, jumps and all moves in any direction.

Rotational and press & pull exercises are also possible due to rubber tubing…


Get your tool, download the app, watch weekly new video workouts and exercises. All for one price. 


Cordura cover sleeve

DuPont (France) Cordura (ballistic nylon) is one of the most durable abrasive-resistant fabrics. Cover sleeve is protecting tubing against wear & tear, and also protecting athlete from injuries.

Use it indoors or outdoors. On the beach or in the snow. In the mud or in the water. Nothing is a problem.

Rubber core

Specific natural rubber compound for tubing invented by us (USA) will last years and thousands of stretches. 

Cobra Gunning

Parachute threads

Military grade parachute threads (Germany) are used to stitch all together. We make sure that Cordura cover sleeve will stay in place and protects you at all times.

Just 1 thread can withstand 50kg (110lbs) of force. Now multiply it by dozens of stitches on every inch…

Climbing carabiners

Climbing locking carabiners will keep you always safe. Our goal is to keep you safe and only top quality climbing carabiners can withstand these forces. They can be used in any weather conditions. Not freezing, not jamming. Additionally, it can be locked and prevent theft.

Machine washable

Dirty ropes? Wash it.

Manufactured in European Union

Manufactured with precision and tested for extreme forces.

Extremely durable

Use in any weather conditions. Military tested.


These are battle ropes with elastic rubber tubing inside the sleeve. That is why they are better battle ropes plus can be used for lower body drills like jumps, accelerations, shuffles, crawls, lunges, press and pull. Tool for complex strength training due to its elasticity.

Rubber compound is developed by us. Extremely durable. Tubing is designed to be extendable up to 5 times more than we allow it to. Our patented anchor solution is preventing rubber from snapping. If used correctly you should be able to use the tool for years. And if it would snap due to material fault, you are still safe due to codrura cover sleeve. And on top of that we replace the rope under the warranty.

Resistance is 300N per one rope. Meaning that one rope generates approx. 30kg (66lbs) of force at 12m (40ft). Resistance grows linearly all the way up from 5.5m (18ft) till 12m (40ft). If you really need more resistance you can add second rope from the kit and it will double the resistance within the whole working area.

Traditional battle ropes are rigid. Yes, movements are nice and easy. However, elastic rubber component inside puts battle ropes into another level. Imagine ropes that fight back all the time and giving you more stress. This results into more muscle activation, higher cardiovascular level, more core stability and option to train lower body with squats, sprints, jumps… You won’t get this with traditional battle ropes.

Always remember that longer is better. If you have at least 9-10m (29-32ft) length, don’t compromise and always go for longer ropes. You will be able to fully use the long ropes. Sprinting, running, battling, rowing, crawling, etc… Short ropes are good solution for space length 6-8m (20-26ft).

Yes, take them anywhere you want. Mud, sand, water, snow, beach, park, etc… These softer surfaces will not damage the rope. If it gets dirty, just wash it… If used on harder surfaces cover sleeve might wear out sooner (like tarmac). But if you take care of tools in a right way they will serve for years. We are still using our one of the first units from 2010 and still working well. Just avoid sharp edges like broken glass, sharp stones, etc…

Yes, you can. No problem at all. Just don’t add any detergents and don’t use spin-dry (not to damage your washing machine).

We have our warehouses in Europe and USA. This means there are no customs duties for US and EU citizens.

We are sending packages all over the world without any problems for our customers. However, please be aware that there may be import duties on consumer goods imposed in countries outside USA and EU. Please inform yourself about the import duties on consumer goods in your country.

GUN-EX® tools are completely handmade in Europe, we strictly obey the legislation of the European Union.


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