Workout of the Week

Workout length:

approx. 20 minutes

Workout of the week: ROME YELLOW

1) Chest press parallel stance
2) Double back row (elbows apart from rib cage)
3) Squat hammer curl
4) Double triceps kickback

REPS LADDER protocol:
Work: 8 – 10 – 12 reps
Rest: 20 seconds

Do whole ladder within one exercise before moving to the next one. When starting new round increase distance from the anchor point by one foot.

Repeat: 3 rounds
Workout length: approx. 20 minutes

YELLOW = ADVANCED (STRENGTH) – the aim is to work on strength. Foundational movements can be progressed with conditions focusing on strength. Intervals are in slower pace but with lots of energy in every repetition . Take your time and execute with maximum strength output.

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