Workout of the Week

Workout length:

29 minutes 35 seconds

Week 24/2019 is here with Red color training: JERUSALEM
Power core development and body movement control with very complicated exercises. Every exercise needs to be absolutely mastered first to be able to benefit from it. Take your time and put everything into technical execution and movement control. Execute whole 20-25-30s ladder for each exercise before moving to another one. This will put enough emphasis on technique. 
Don’t be in a rush, rather do less reps during the time frame with maximum power than many weak and poor reps.



1. Mountain climbers to sprint

2. Synchro snakes

3. Power jumps forward

4. Jumping grapplers’ throw

LADDER protocol: Work: 20-25-30 reps

Rest: 25 seconds Perform whole ladder for the exercise first before moving on to next one.

Repeat: 3 rounds

Workout length: 29 minutes 35 seconds

ADVANCED (POWER) – Aim is to get the heart rate high with all available options with strong emphasis on power within every repetition. Power is proportional to the speed at which maximal force can be applied. This means RED coded workout is logically hardest one from all advanced colors (Green, Yellow, Red). This makes the difference between being an average or being the best athlete.

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