Workout of the Week

Workout length:

approx. 20 minutes

Week 22/2019: Legs, legs, legs. SAQ drills for higher speed in forward-back and lateral axis. Do 8 reps for the exercise followed by 20 sec reps. Take a longer rest before starting the next round to fully recover for another push.



1. High knees between 2 dots

2. Shuffles between 2 dots (switch sides each round)

3. High knees backwards between 2 dots

4. Acceleration around the cone

5. Acceleration jump


Work: 8 reps Rest: 20 seconds

Repeat: 4 rounds

Workout length: approx. 20 minutes

GREEN = ADVANCED (SPEED & COORDINATION) – aim is progress with foundational moves and change conditions within those exercises + learning some new more advanced movements with elastic resistance. The aim is to develop speed and coordination skills. Perform exercises in fast pace, with low resistance applied and focusing on great technique and upper/lower body coordination while performing exercises.

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