The warranty time of GUN-eX® products is 24 months from the day of their sale as consumer warranty. For commercial warranty time is 12 months from the day of their sale. The producer (Krankfitness s.r.o.) has the right to determine, if the product is repairable, if it will be replaced for new one or refund the purchase price to the original purchaser.

This warranty covers defects in manufacture and materials in brand new GUN-eX® products purchased through GUN-eX headquarters or an authorized re-seller.

Warranty does not cover damages associated with:

  • Non-proper usage. With the usage on concrete, sharp or stone surfaces. With the damages caused inproper handling or any negligence.
  • Leaving the product outdoors in extreme conditions, sawing the straps back and forth at the anchoring point causing excessive friction on the anchor strap, exercises in the way that causes the strap to make a contact sharp edges or any other actions that would not be deemed normal use.
  • If the product will be repaired by the person which is not authorised by the producer (Krankfitness s.r.o.)
  • Warranty rights expire, if not complied with the service term.
  • If used non-original accessories and carabines for GUN-eX® products!
  • This warranty shall not cover any damage or condition determined by GUN-eX® (Krankfitness s.r.o.) to be caused by carelessness, negligence, neglect misuse and/or unreasonable use, normal wear and tear, or failure to properly maintain the product or unauthorized repairs or any modifications thereof. Under no circumstances shall Krankfitness s.r.o. (producer) or GUN-EX USA, Inc. (seller)  be held responsible for any damages suffered, including but not limited to incidental or consequential damages, medical expenses, temporary or permanent injuries suffered as a result of the use of the product. If said use did not conform to the below described safety standards and/or if said damages were due to the negligence of the user and/or the result of any repair, adjustments or modifications to the product(s) that were not authorized, in writing, by Krankfitness s.r.o. or GUN-EX USA, Inc. 

Warranty service

A receipt or an invoice with a legible date of purchase must be submitted for the warranty service.