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Sleeved battle rope with rubber tubing inside. Designed for small spaces to fit in every training zone.

It’s a battle rope, elastic band and sprint system in one with 500+ exercises available. You can do waves, slams, sprints, crawls, jumps, lunges, accelerations, presses, pulls, rotations…It is new and great S&C tools.

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Recommended for

  • Personal training tool
  • Strength & conditioning tool
  • Bootcamp tool for small spaces
  • Team training tool for small group training

Go for Mini Cobra Kit if you only have small training zone available where longer Cobra ropes wouldn’t fit in.

While you can also train alone in PT sessions, each kit can be used by two people training together or even up to 4 people at the same time if needed.

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Mini Cobra is intentionally short to fit into small training areas. Minimal required space for training is 20 ft, optimal recommended space is 26 ft or more.

Rope is perfectly balanced and suitable for all groups – youth, women and men. Recommended for both fitness use and for professional athletes. You can easily adjust resistance by adding second elastic cord.

Do you have larger space available?

Try COBRA GUNNING Kit. With longer ropes you can sprint and jump further, get better feeling when doing battle exercises with heavier ropes.

GUN-EX training around the world

GUN-EX® ropes are extremely versatile. You can use them for personal training, in group or small group training, or as a strength & conditioning tool.

It’s an ideal tool for bootcamps, you can just pack it in your bag and take it with you anywhere. It’s great full body workout tool for all athletes.

Check out the video to see how people around the world are using GUN-EX® ropes.


– Full body training = Battling exercises – waves, slams; Lower body exercises – jumps, sprints, squats, lunges, drills, skipping; Push and Pull exercises or Rotations… 500+ exercises available)

-Cardio conditioning.

-Athletic training

-Metabolic conditioning

-Strength & conditioning

-Develop speed, acceleration, strength, coordination and power

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Sleeved short battle rope with elastic cord inside that comes in resistance of 300N – optimal resistance for rope of this length. 300N is a rough equivalent of 70 lbs force for 1 rope at maximum length.

Rope length is 9 ft in idle state, 26 ft when extended to maximum length.

It’s hand crafted with high safety standards in mind, the most durable materials are guaranteed. Safety sleeve is made from water and abrasion resistant CORDURA and military grade straps sewed with parachute threads. It all means that it adds extra layer of protection and safety for you and your clients.

MINI COBRA KIT – Rope training in small spaces


Bauknecht Author Cycling Team


Continental UCI team

Lukas Konecny


WBO World champion, Czech boxing champion, multiple international and intercontinental champion

Karel Lavicky


Professional windsurfer, five times Czech Champion, Olympic athlete at London 2012

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