We are battle ropes and elastic bands training company with own revolutionary patented tools for strength & conditioning. Our successful work with world class athletes underline our professionalism and mission. GUN-EX training is present in dozens of countries around the world spreading the message and vision of correct and effective conditioning.

Our goal is to deliver the best training tools and education courses to fitness professionals and coaches to be able to do their job – safely and effectively train students (whether they are enthusiasts or top-notch athletes).
Our education courses and regular S&C training content are the base stones for success because we believe that in knowledge is the real power.

With headquarters in Miami (USA) and in Prague (Europe) we currently have a presence in more than 30 countries around the world.

During last decade Jan Marvan, former professional cyclist and the team of experts (ice hockey players from NHL, professional athletes, trainers, physiotherapists and material engineers) came up with the first training tool called COBRA, sleeved battle rope with rubber cord inside with countless applications and exercises. Training with those ropes was one of the best and most beneficial training methods to prepare the body and all muscles for a hard season of professional athletes.

The result was a perfect traning tool, easy to transport to training camps even by airplane.

This became immediate everyday training tool of dozens professional athletes, army and sport clubs. After years in heavy duty, many training units and continuous tests by strong NHL ice hockey players, the Cobra tool proved that it is the most durable training “partner” for everybody. From professional field to fitness people.

Nowadays GUN-eX® works on unique training and education principles with the team of professional athletes located around the world.

We know that we can do the best elastic resistance training tools on the planet. We are not changing dirrections and we are still working on new training methods and “upgrades” with priceless feedback from pro-athletes, fitness trainers, coaches and enthusiasts.

Specific training procedures and hand crafted products make the GUN-eX® tools safest training program. Safety was, it is and it will be the #1 concern of all pro athletes.

We are able to develop complex physical skills: strength, power, speed, dynamics, agility, reaction, acceleration, core, stability, coordination, balance…

After several years on the market, sleeved battle ropes with elastic cord inside called COBRA became best sellers. The whole training program has incredible success in more than 30 countries around the world. GUNNING™ group training with COBRA ropes is running in many countries as perfect HIIT for everybody. From pro athletes to fitness enthusiasts.

Join our team and be stronger!

Jan Marvan

A few words from Jan

I came into fitness industry around year 2000. I started as a presenter at big shows for Johnny G. When I was a student and racing on bike I got an idea for new training tool and I had a pretty clear vision how to develop training system for it. I started from the bottom with nothing, just me and my idea. I bet everything on it and focused solely on making it better.

What followed was many years of testing, developing, playing with different versions… Then I met few good coaches and couple of guys from NHL and I put them through several training tests. They were ecstatic and full of enthusiasm for my new training tool. This was the first success for the Cobra rope and big milestone for me after those years.

We are helping all human beings to change their lives. Understand their body and how to train safely. We bring solution to them especially via education courses, where we share our knowledge and values. I’m really proud of GUN-eX and the team of friends I made all around the world!